The Journey Of Cotton From Plant To Fabric By Fabric Dekho

The Journey Of Cotton From Plant To Fabric By Fabric Dekho


Today there are numerous kinds of fabrics available in the world. But cotton remained the most prevalent fabric of all. The fabric is loved by everyone ever since its existence. The soft, smooth, and comfortable fabric that is suitable for all age groups and occasions. Cotton today provides millions of opportunities for the people due to its diverse demand. Let us tell you the exciting journey of cotton from plant to fabric.

How cotton is made?

Cotton Fabric is a soft and fluffy fibre that grows around the seeds of the cotton plant covered in a protective case. It is generally sown in tropical and subtropical regions. America, Africa, Egypt, and India are the biggest producers of cotton around the globe.

The Production process

The journey from sowing to harvesting the cotton goes through several stages and after that the process of making it a fabric begins. Let us show you how cotton becomes a fine fabric from the seed below.

First, cotton seeds are planted either manually or through machines. The seeds begin to grow on an average of one-two weeks after it is planted according to the moisture and temperature of the area. After that, it takes around a month and a half for the flower buds to bloom generally in a creamy or dark yellow colour.

During the next three days, the flowers moderately turn into pink, and then red before falling off, leaving the tiny ovary attached to the plant. The tiny ovary then ripens and becomes a cotton boll. The cotton fibres then grow long over the next whole month under the cotton boll. The Bolls open, leaving space for air to come inside to make the fibre grows fluffy, clean, and dry. Now, it is time for harvesting and storing cotton balls and then it will be sent to ginning.


Ginning is simply the process of removed all the unwanted parts of the plant around the cotton balls and sent to the spinning factories after bailing them out. After that, the unnecessary items from the cotton balls are further removed and sent to the weaving mills.

Spinning factory

The cotton balls are now taken to the blow room of the spinning factories. After going through several spinning machines of the blow room, now it is taken to the carding machine. The output from the card is called ‘Silver’. It is then arranged parallel in a frame and the short fibres are removed to twist into a rove and then into a ‘Yarn’. The yarn is then sent for the weaving process such as warping and sizing and then to the weaving machine where the fabric is weaved. Now, the final fabric is sent for the finishing processes such as dyeing, bleaching, and finishing.

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